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Cherupushpam Mission League

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Patron: St. Teresa of Little Flower

Motto: Charity, Sacrifice, Service & Suffering

The CML members engage in activities like:

Prayer gatherings

Encourage members to practice short prayers and little sacrifices

Encourage members to have active participation in sacraments

Missionary activities & personality development

Our Highlights:

Simple Ways towards Holiness: This is an activity that kids follow during the Advent and Lent Season. Conscious effort is put in to prepare for Christmas and Easter by doing personal prayer, family prayer, bible reading, attending Holy Mass. Kids during this time are ever willing to do small sacrifices and have motivated the parents to do so too. For all the activities that they do they have been rewarded points. At the end of the season we have generous sponsors to match a penny to a point; for all the points the kids of the community jointly made. We use this money towards Charity. Money is send to mission stations in India. This has helped the kids grow spiritually and has made them understand and feel for their needy brothers and sisters around them and in India.
Bible verse: Every week the kids read two chapters from the Gospel as instructed. They then have to memorize a verse which they liked the most, write it on a piece of paper and put it in the basket in front of the Altar. After the mass two chits are picked, the lucky person has to come up and recite the verse by heart to the congregation. They are given an incentive gift. We are running this program since the last two years and we have reached the last chapters of the Bible. Kids and parents are very enthusiastic about this and participate actively.

Mission Sunday: Kids play an active role on Mission Sunday and conduct themselves with an awareness of praying for the missionaries and raising funds for the mission stations through their mega bake sale and contributions from parishioners.

CML Meetings: The CML kids meet every third Saturday of the month and spend half a day together with their Parish Priest Fr. Thomas and the Animators, improvising on their knowledge on liturgy, altar serving, personality development programs and faith based classes relevant at the time of the year