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CCD Teachers & Staff -  2017 Teachers.pdf

Bible Verse Picking:Sheenu Joseph/Collin Morse / 12th graders 
CCD News: Sheena Minesh.      Publish every week. and arrange the child to read once a month
CCD speech:-     8th grade teachers + Remy Chirayil.      
Confirmation Saint and Saint for speech might be different. Speech will be unique for each child. 
Mass Bible reading - Smitha Leslie and Tesline James
Outreach Program - Saly Samuel
Tech team - Jojo Chirayil and  Thomas Kuriakose
CML:-     Main leaders: Sophia Mathew and Suja Josemon     
House Leaders: This will be each group grade teachers (highest grade in the group)    
Yellow House Leaders [ Grade PREK, KG] - Grade KG Teachers    
Red House Leaders [Grade 1, 3, 5 ] - Grade 5 Teachers    
Green House Leaders [ Grades 2, 4, 6] - Grade 6 Teachers    
White House Leaders [Grades  7, 9, 11] - Grade 11 Teachers    
Blue House Leaders [Grades 8, 9, 12] - Grade 12 Teachers    
CML House Student Leaders (2 main leaders and 5 House leaders) will be selected later.
Altar Serving - Thomas Karimattam & Lisha Bijo. Teachers also could assign the children [TBD].

Bible Reading /Quiz for this year - St. Luke
Adoration 1st & 3rd Friday - Children's adoration  Adoration schedule in currently in the CCD Student Diary. If there is any change needed, please contact the CCD co-ordinators.