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News letter guidelines

The theme for the next newsletter is :  "Mission Year/ Thanksgiving/ Advent/ Christmas".
Deadline for Submissions is: November 20th, 2011
All submissions with the exception of artwork should be emailed to  Artwork should be submitted in person to Thomas Achan, Roy Thadikkaran or Mariella Payyappilly.
Please do not initial or write your name on the art work, submit your name and grade on a separate slip of paper.
General Guidelines for CCD Newsletter Submissions
If you would like to contribute to the CCD Newsletter, please follow these guidelines. When measuring size, use the size 11 font in the “Times New Roman” font face.
I. Poems:
a. Cannot be longer than a quarter of a piece of computer paper (6-12 lines) or 75-100 words
II. General Topics:
a. 150-200 words
b. Can include short stories, questions/advice,  or articles describing a life skill or virtue
III. Jokes:
a. Must cover an appropriate topic that Achan will approve of
b. Cannot be longer than a quarter of a piece of computer paper (75 -100 words)
IV. Main article related to theme
a. Should be totally related to the theme.
b.up to 300 words.
V. Pictures:
a. Related to theme
b. Hand drawn, not from computer
c. Not all pictures will be accepted; students should ask about theme of article that needs a drawing before making picture.
Limit: Submissions are limited to one piece of work per person for each newsletter.
All work submitted should have a title, name of the person(s) and grade.
All submissions must be completely in line with Church teaching.
Personal details like names on the article or artwork will be removed/ hidden before being presented to the editorial team and Achan, they will then vote and decide on what should get published.